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arch-upstream v0.1
# Arch-Upstream
Script that gathers version information from all AUR and common ArchLinux
repositories. Each package version is getting compared to an upstream version
provided by the Fedora community project [ (Anitya)](
Finally, the script generates a html report page with out-of-date software
## Features
- [x] Scrape version information of all AUR packages
- [x] Scrape version information of all common ArchLinux packages
- [x] Compare package version with upstream version
- [x] Export html report
- [x] Query if package already flagged
## Limitations
* Release-monitoring Anitya database dump gets only updated once per day
## Maintainers
* [Jonas Heinrich](
## Running
### Requirements
* Python modules: python-beautifulsoup4, python-requests, python-progressbar,
* Runtime dependencies: sqlite
### Running from source
First of all, clone the git repository to a directory
git clone
Run the script
Processing databases and packages will take a while but progress of it will be
indicated. After that, several report html pages will be present in the working
directory. These can be opened with the web browser of your choice.
## Reporting bugs
Bugs can be reported in the public [Gitlab repository](
## Credits
* [Release-Monitoring](
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