Please note that this is still a preview release. It should demonstrate basic functionality and the user interface. Some main features of a podcatcher are not yet implemented.

Known issues

  • There is no background job yet to fetch and display new episodes #114 @onny


  • Export podcast subscriptions as OPML #104 @onny
  • German translation #183 @onny
  • Make player metadata, title and show name as links #167 @onny
  • Add pagination to listening and library view #195 @onny
  • Show newest podcasts and episodes in library view #214 @onny


  • Listening view: Only show episods with playtime #213 @onny
  • Library view: Show list of newest episodes (which are present in the database) #213 @onny
  • Episodes playback state is only saved and used in "Listening" view #159 @onny
  • Fix issues with database migration on Mysql backends #176 @onny