Please note that this is still a preview release. It should demonstrate basic functionality and the user interface. Some main features of a podcatcher are not yet implemented.

Known issues

  • There is no background job yet to fetch and display new episodes #114 @onny
  • Episodes playback state is only saved and used in "Listening" view #159 @onny


  • Show/category view: Refill content if screen size is too big #79 @onny
  • Category view: Support load more #74 @onny
  • Player: Load last episode on start #158 @onny
  • Support resume playback for episodes #146 @onny
  • Add/remove episode from listening queue #142 @onny
  • Start playback on clicking episode image #12 @onny
  • Start playback on clicking chapter mark #90 @onny
  • Playing animation in episode chapter list #91 @onny
  • Pause playing animation #115 @onny
  • Tested and enabled support for Nextcloud 21 #126 @onny
  • Tested and enabled support for PHP8 #130 @onny


  • Set browser title on all pages #145 @onny
  • Simplify player controls #150 @onny
  • Sort library by latest added #121 @onny
  • Hide ItemSlider component scrollbar on Chrome/Safari #141 @onny
  • Fix save state toggle mute #117 @onny
  • Fix oepning links in episode description #96 @onny
  • Fix shows grid view layout left-align #105 @onny
  • Trim podcast episode description in show view #123 @onny
  • Player: Display correct position while seeking #124 @onny
  • Fix app description, added more screenshots #102 @onny